12 Astonishing Things I've Observed When I've Represented Speakers

In the Go Figure Department:

1. The speakers who are the most demanding and act like Prima Donnas are most often those who have no paid speaking experience.

2. The speakers with the highest fees are usually the easiest to work with.

3. Many authors don't want to be paid to speak even if there's money available to pay them.

4. Many speakers expect a speaker agent to act as a free book publicist as well.

5. Many publishers don't want their authors to have a speaker agent even though it means contracts for advance orders for quantity book sales.

6. Many speakers would rather sign with speaker bureaus – whose loyalty is not to speakers, but to the event organizer – and pay a 25-30% commission; instead of an agent who is loyal to them and receives only a 15% commission.

7. Many publishers tell me they don't think their authors would be able to earn more than a few hundred dollars per talk.

8. Many speakers can't articulate what their primary expertise is in one sentence.

9. Many speakers would rather have a presentation cancel on them and lose the fee than have an agent write an iron-clad agreement for them and pay a 15% commission.

10. Many speakers leave money on the table by quoting a lower fee than the event organizer is willing to pay them.

11. Many speakers won't give an agent a 15% commission even if the agent can get them fees that are 50 to 80% higher.

12. Some authors' publicists have turned down a well-paying speaking engagement for their author without even discussing the details of the opportunity with them.

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Even if you decide you're not ready to have agent representation, you may want to invest in having me
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