Andrea Reynolds' 12 Contrarian Principles Building Your One Person Advice Empire

These principles form the outline of my course. You can purchase the class notes here:

My 12 principles are unconventional. I call them contrarian because they run contrary to what you've been told by Internet Marketing "experts."

But, please remember... my 12 contrarian principles apply only to people who
have one specialized advice to sell, long term; NOT multiple or serial areas of unrelated expertise, NOT products, NOT services, and certainly not volunteer or charitable work you do.

Can you accept all 12 of these principles? They aren't as easy as you think because they contradict traditional thinking. How many of them conflict with your current marketing methods? Be honest.

1. Do the one thing you absolutely love and charge for it.

2. Ignore the dream-killers around you.

3. Promote your own name rather than a company name.

4. Position yourself as the leader in your niche, not a follower or an also-ran.

5. Narrow your niche even more or create a new niche if necessary.

6. Multiply yourself by offering your specialized knowledge in a variety of formats.

7. Attract people to you, rather than "knocking on doors" to get clients.

8. Avoid obvious paid advertising.

9. Avoid working for free.

10. Get paid to promote yourself.

11. Do fun things that just happen to be newsworthy.

12. Be a memorable person: a contrarian, a maverick, a pioneer, a rebel.


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