What you can do to help Andrea return to Canada by her 68th birthday (July 16).

To cross the border into Canada as a returning resident, Andrea needs to raise almost $12,000 to prove to Canada Customs and Immigration that she has sufficient funds to support herself for a year. If her two houses will sell she will have enough money... but neither house has had any offers from buyers in over two years. So she is raising the funds now so she can start the process before the houses are sold.

If you owe her money for work you didn't complete, or if you overcharged her unfairly, or if you didn't pay her for work she did for you, send her a check or money order: Andrea Reynolds, 3518 Post Avenue, Erie PA 16508. She'll even send you a deposit slip so you can deposit it right to her US or Canadian bank account.

Buy one or both of her houses:
a. Charming 3-bedroom Cape Cod:
b. Updated, 2-bedroom bungalow across the street from the Cape Cod:

3. If you're a real estate agent,
bring Andrea a buyer for one or both houses. See above. Both houses are also listed on Zillow.

Help her liquidate her possessions so she doesn't have to lug things across the border and pay duty on them. She has a website where she posts things she is selling, and she adds items weekly: www.AndreasEstate.com Buy something.

5. Buy some of her how-to books, manuals, special reports, booklets, article reprints on her website, www.BitangoBooks.com Many are in PDF format.

Book a stay (two-day minimum) either at Andrea's Authors Bed and Breakfast or through AirBnb.com. That will bring her a little income.

Hold her ladder steady so she can repair siding than blew off in a fierce wind without falling off.

8. Help her
hook up a VCR/DVD player to her TV so that she can convert old videos (her guest appearances on Canadian TV) to DVDs that will take up less space in storage. Then she can post them on YouTube.

Help her lay sheet linoleum in her other house once she has the ceilings and walls painted.

Help her fix her dishwasher so she doesn't have to keep washing dishes by hand every day.

Help her replace roof shingles that flew off in a fierce wind.

Help her repair her half-size dryer so she doesn't have to lug wet laundry across the street to the basement in the other house to dry.

Help her repair her RV's electrical system and dead battery.... when she has the money to do it.

14. When her houses are finally sold, you could invite her to
park her van overnight in your driveway or company parking lot where she can write her blog and get a night's sleep.

15. You could invite her – as her alter ego,
The Undercover Client – to speak to your college, conference, convention, or company. She would appreciate the opportunity to impart some of her wisdom and experience of 40 years as a marketing consultant, and earn some income.