Can you identity with any of these situations?

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"When facing a crisis in which we feel anxious, angry, or powerless, many otherwise-brilliant people can see only two options: stay or go; attack or be silent. But when we have a wide array of do-able options to choose from, we feel more confident, powerful and optimistic, and ultimately... victorious." Andrea Reynolds

  • Have you been bullied, want it to stop… and receive a sincere, public apology?

  • Has someone ended a relationship with you without explanation, leaving you bewildered and sad, and you want to know what happened so you can move on?

  • Did someone's check bounce and you're having difficulty getting the funds replaced?

  • Is a store refusing to repair or replace a product that doesn't work properly or at all, and you want results?

  • Is a homeowner's association making your life miserable, but exempting others from the same rules and regulations, and you want the discrimination to stop?

  • Has a real estate agent been unprofessional in a transaction, and you want someone to intercede?

  • Has a dentist done bad work or caused unnecessary damage to your mouth, and you want compensation?

  • Did you loan someone a large amount of money and they refuse to pay you back?

  • Do clients owe you money for work done and you're having difficulty getting them to pay you?

  • Have you paid someone for work and the work hasn't been done or hasn't been done properly and you want the repairs done now?

  • Have you been swindled out of money by someone who charmed you or defrauded you?

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This is where I've counseled clients and sometimes held meetings and small seminars.

I'm a veteran public relations specialist and journalist. I go to bat for clients and patients who have been mistreated, overcharged, or exploited by someone they paid and trusted to work in their best interests. I use my skills to create collaboration rather than adversarial situations.

standup support-group
These are manuals from seminars I personally created and conducted. Click on each book cover graphic for description and order info.

As an independent, investigative journalist, I advocate for anyone who is mistreated, bullied, intimidated, exploited, or swindled by a business or another individual… to obtain a good outcome without nasty lawsuits, threats, or insults.

I believe
collaborative effort is more effective than being adversarial, so, talk to me before you hire a lawyer. One persuasive, but kindly, letter from me can very likely get the result you want.

"I promote positive change through public speaking, articles, seminars, classes, consults, TV appearances, radio commentary, and possibly a future syndicated column."

My advice:
1. Be open-minded and open-hearted.
2. Be kind to strangers... they may be angels in disguise.
3. Be collaborative, not adversarial, in negotiations.
4. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
5. Ask questions instead of assuming.
6. Practice empathy before judging or criticizing.

Also... on my The Undercover Client blog I write and speak about my own experiences with accountants, contractors, doctors, dentists, electricians, lawyers, plumbers, realtors, and big business. My intent is not to shame anyone but to teach professionals and practitioners that treating people with integrity, kindness and empathy is profitable.

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