Work I'll Do For You

Copywriting and Ghostwriting
Andrea Reynolds puts your ideas and words into a format that clearly and confidently communicates your message to your intended readers. Projects may require interviews, research, writing, editing, refining, fact-checking, proofreading and formatting.

Editing & Proofreading
If you only want help polishing a document I can fix spelling, punctuation, grammar, and awkward sentence structure. (Books edited)

Licensing and Reprints
You are welcome to purchase any of the articles, booklets and reports on this site for publication or reprinting but only with a distribution license obtained first.

Quick Consults
6 Ways you can obtain short-term advice or mentoring about writing and publishing books from Andrea Reynolds.

Tips Booklets
If you want to open doors with a book, but don't want to write a full-length book, write a tips booklet.

Book Blurbs
My testimonial for your book.

Book Reviews
I give you my true thoughts - pluses and minuses - of your book.