Sold This Week: Feb. 5, 2017

Sold to someone in Utah.

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74 piece Oneida Community Stainless flatware: 12 place settings, 8 serving pieces and tray.

Pattern: Satinique. It's such good quality, that some have mistaken this stainless flatware for silver. (It's not silver.)

All pieces are in excellent condition. Used only at for a few years at Christmas and Thanksgiving with the "good china" (also for sale).
12 soup spoons,
12 dinner forks,
12 salad forks,
12 knives,
18 teaspoons,
8 serving pieces.

Makes a good wedding gift, Christmas gift, or dress up your Thanksgiving or Christmas table. I have no family so it's silly for me to have 12 place settings when there's just me for holidays.

Value: $300.

Closeup of the pattern: Satinique

12 dinner forks, 12 salad forks

12 knives

12 soup spoons, 18 teaspoons

8 serving pieces: ladle, 3 vegetable spoons (1 slotted), meat fork, cake server, sugar spoon, master butter knife.

Flatware Tray

Living on $350 a Month

Senior vows to live on $350 a month; here’s how she’ll do it.

Andrea Reynolds, 67, a US citizen in Erie Pennsylvania, with a degree (Kent State University) in home economics and one in marketing and communication, is resourceful. When life becomes difficult she turns adversity into an adventure.

As she has two unsold houses she can't afford, no employment, no family or partner, she has decided to become a house-less vagabond until she can no longer take care of herself.

"This is the perfect solution for me," she claims. "I've lived like this before and felt at peace. I've tried home ownership; it's too much work for me."

1. She’ll live on her Canadian pension of (US) $350 a month. She's not eligible for Social Security or Medicare benefits.

2. She’ll sell her two houses in Erie Pennsylvania for as much as she can get. and

3. She’s selling all her household contents and family heirlooms to pay utilities, insurance, property taxes until the houses sell, and to avoid storage expenses later.

4. She’ll save $10,500 by not paying utilities, insurance, property taxes, which she has been struggling to pay without income for 8 years.

5. She’ll invest the profit from house sales for her eventual nursing home care. (She has no family.)

6. She’ll use the interest from those future investments for medical emergencies and repairs.

7. She’s presently renting out her bedroom to AirBnB guests to pay the utility bills and property taxes until the two houses sell. When she can stop working she can recover her health.

8. She and her 2 cats will live in a 2004 Ford E-350 camper van, accepting invitations to park overnight in friends’ driveways and company parking lots.

9. She’s open to invitations to speak to groups on Turning Adversity into Adventure and Living Frugally, to supplement her income.

10. She’ll blog about being house-less, van dwelling, turning adversity into adventure, and living frugally, in hopes of meeting friendly, welcoming people.

11. She will write more how-to books and promote them on Amazon and other websites.

12. She will return to Canada for summers and drive to warmer climates in the winter months.

13. She will utilize her Planet Fitness gym membership for showers.

14. She will use her marine battery and solar collector for power, and pay for borrowed electricity with her how-to books.

15. She is open to invitations to appear on TV and radio to talk about her unconventional lifestyle. and

16. She welcomes financial assistance from Private Patrons and Corporate Sponsors. and

- - - 30 - - -

Andrea Reynolds (814) 431-9278,