Move My Office to My $99 House?

This is my $99 house. It could be my new office.

It has its own website:

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AFTER: Summer 2016

BEFORE: October 2013

If I still can't sell my own house – perhaps God has a plan that I don't yet understand – and I must stay in it, I could possibly turn the empty house I own across the street into my office.

Not only would that free up a second bedroom in my house for a second AirBnB guest (income), but it would give me a place off site to write, edit, and proofread, free from the distraction of my two lovable cats.

The city approves of my having a maximum of two guests at a time in my own home, but if I wanted to turn the bungalow into a guest house I would need to apply to the city for a zoning variance which could be costly. No can do right now.

If I use the bungalow exclusively for my own business I could use the expenses as a tax deduction. And the WiFi at my house works in the front part of the bungalow, sometimes. I can take my old laptop over to work on.

The bungalow isn't finished, but it has lights, heat, and power. If I can get the painting done myself over the next few weeks I can have the laminate floors installed soon after. Labor and materials have been paid for.

Throughout the house I have a working toilet and sink, a fridge, a toaster oven and a convection oven which are sufficient for me. I could move into the space in mid-to-late January (2017).

Ideally, I would love to rebuild my former services as a business writer, ghostwriter, copy editor (nonfiction book manuscripts) and proofreader.

The question remains... will I be able to generate enough income? Can I bring in enough work to pay the utility bills and taxes on two houses? It depends on how well I market myself and how well I can attract new (and former) clients. I have a website in place:

My question to you is: Would you retain me to write, edit, and proofread for you? Your books, your blog, your newsletter, your capability brochures, your news releases, and your web pages?

Your comments are welcome: or

PS I have free time during the holidays. I can complete your work while you relax and enjoy your family time.

Patronages + Sponsorships are now available.

How you can sponsor Andrea Reynolds so she
can become house-less and live as a van dweller



You can offer me your "influential person" or "celebrity" endorsement. Would you consider making a 10-15 second video saying something nice about my house that will help me sell it, and also give me permission to post the link?

Platinum ($100,000 to $150,000)
You can buy my Cape Cod style house in Erie Pennsylvania. The website is here:

You can buy my bungalow, across the street from my other house in Erie. Its website is here:

They both are listed on

Gold ($50,000 to $99,000)
You can have your corporate logo on the front cover or back cover my next 3-4 books, Missed Blessings, Make An Effort, Professional Integrity, and Advice Empire.

Silver ($25,000 to $49,999)
Your organization can sponsor my travel expenses for a year as I speak to groups and schools that can't afford to pay me: occasional hotels, parking fees, gas, repairs, insurance, etc.

You can have your corporate logo
inside my any of the above listed books such as, Missed Blessings.

Bronze ($5,000 to $24,999)
Your organization can sponsor my blog for a year or half-year.

Your organization can sponsor a few speaking engagements where the audiences truly have no budget.

Your organization can book me to speak to your members, staff, employees, management team.

Copper ($1,000 to $4,999)
You can buy my higher-priced family heirlooms and artifacts in my estate, like my china and silver. The website is here:

Your organization can sponsor my future (secure) storage rental for a year (could be $200+ a month) until I can find and afford a place to live.

Your organization can sponsor my travel expenses: occasional hotels, parking fees, gas, repairs, insurance, etc., for a

Your corporate logo, brand or book cover (if you're an author or publisher) can be on my front van doors (my 2002 Ford E-250) for a month or more.


Nickel ($100 to $999)
You can buy affordable items from my estate. The website is here:

You can buy some of my higher-priced books and DIY tutorials. Find them here:

Aluminum ($10 to $99)
You can buy some of my lower-priced books. Find them here:

Use PayPal ( or send checks or money orders payable to:
Andrea Reynolds, 3518 Post Avenue, Erie PA 16508 USA

I've registered my guest room with AirBnb

Come stay at my mini bed and breakfast!

This income will help me keep the utilities and property taxes paid on the house until I can sell it.


For $45 a night (2-night minimum stay) plus a one-time cleaning fee of $15, you can stay in my first floor guest bedroom and have breakfast in the morning. For now it's a one-person room; I have one twin bed to offer. Don't forget there's a 6% Pennsylvania State Occupancy tax added.

Stay a week (7 nights): there's a 20% discount.

Stay two weeks (14 nights) there's a 30% discount.

Stay a month (28 nights): there's a 40% discount.

Book here:

Read a book....

Sleep in a comfy bed....

tub-back copy
Have a shower.

Have a little breakfast ....

Do some writing. There's free WiFi.

Book here:

Sold this week: Sept. 2, 2016

In addition to a window screen, I sold King bedding (quilt, shams, sheets, pillows, comforters); Queen bedding (down duvet); Twin bedding (down duvet, sheets, comforters); and four sets of towels. The income will cover some important bills. More....


Interesting that some of my best customers are contacting me from out of state, not locally, so I am happy to ship smaller items.

You're welcome to browse my "store":

All sold: King bed frame, quilt, shams, sheets, pillows, dust ruffle, night stands.

What would you like to buy? Tell me:

What can you do with it when you buy this house?

Here's my thinking about your options:


1. Move into it and live in it as your primary residence.

2. Use it as your summer home.

3. Rent it out to corporations as an executive guest house.

4. Rent it out as a vacation rental. Think Airbnb.

5. Rent it to tenants.

6. Give it to charity.

7. Turn it into a community center.

8. Turn it into a neighborhood clubhouse and playground.

9. Turn it into a woman's shelter.

10. Turn the yards into a community food garden.

What are your thoughts? Tell me: